Internet bandwidth is a resource that needs effective management otherwise it will be abused or hogged by less important activities, effectively sabotaging the original intent for acquiring it.

Networks too need management to avoid the usual problems like loops, rouge users and general performance issues. We have in-depth knowledge of networks and management systems and we can implement monitoring and management solutions that can provide insight to how your resources are being used or how they are performing.

These insights serve to inform  corrective and preventive actions accordingly and also provides you with data required to aid in the decision to verify and adjust subscriptions upward or downward accordingly.

We can also aid in your monitoring of servers and applications and network services. Yes there are popular software doing these at the moment, but most of them are extremely expensive and usually limited by licensing constraints etc.

We offer to configure and manage both the proprietary software and solutions based on open source software which gives you the same feature set at a much reduced cost.